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Who to Repeat Biopsy

Prostate cancer biopsies are challenging. Often doctors suspect there is cancer but the biopsy is negative and the doctor and patient wonder if the cancer was simply missed. These tests help to determine who should undergo a repeat biopsy and in the case of ConfirmMDx also let doctors know where to focus the repeat biopsy if it is needed.  


If you are concerned about prostate cancer because of an elevated PSA or are feeling insecure about a previously performed (negative) biopsy, the PCA3 urine test can provide additional information that may help you and your physician to decide whether a (new) biopsy is really needed.

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For men with an initial negative biopsy, independently published clinical studies have shown that the ConfirmMDx test is the most significant, independent predictor of patient outcome relative to other available clinical factors such as age, PSA and DRE results.

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The 4Kscore Test helps clarify the biopsy decision-making process by determining a patient specific probability for finding aggressive, Gleason score 7 or higher prostate cancer upon biopsy.




Helps identify patients at increased risk for aggressive disease, thereby aiding in the selection of men for prostate biopsy.



ExoDx Prostate Test

The ExoDx Prostate Test is a simple, non-evasive urine test that can help you and your doctor determine the need for a prostate biopsy.